Benefit from professional hosting and first-class all-round service from ITD GmbH. We are a very experienced hosting company based in Germany. Our data centers are located in different countries around the world.

Lassen Sie sich exklusiv von Branchen- und Technikexperten betreuen, die für Sie die optimale Cloud- oder Hosting-Lösung planen, umsetzen und betreiben. Unsere Dienstleistungen sind ausschließlich für Unternehmen.

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Shared Hosting / Webspace

Create and save your own website on our server system. You can make settings via an individual login. The advantage of this method is that you can bring a website online easily and inexpensively.

Virtual Server or Virtual Dedicated Server

Share a server with a few customers. The relative number of customers is manageable and certain services can be guaranteed. Certain visitor numbers can be handled without any problems. The resources of the server can be allocated relatively flexibly to the individual customers.

Dedicated Server or Managed Server

If you prefer to have your own server, this is the right option. You rent a complete server from us, which only contains your website. With a managed server, we take care of the maintenance and care, while content is only uploaded using FTP tools. With a dedicated server, you have full access to the server and thus also responsibility for security, maintenance and care. Here you have to decide how much specialist knowledge you have as a customer.

Colocation Webhosting

You have your own server hardware and can accommodate it with us. This means that you do not need your own server room and can leave the security and smooth operation of your own server architecture to our experts. Additional services can of course also be booked.

Cloud Hosting

As with cloud computing, we provide computing capacity for you. Only the computing power actually required has to be billed and thus paid for.
The advantage of this method is that fluctuations in the required computing capacity can be flexibly adjusted by us at any time, thus ensuring variable availability and high reliability.


By solving arithmetic problems on specially purchased, powerful hardware, coins can be generated. So you as a miner will be rewarded afterwards.

We are looking forward to your contact.

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