Our services

Producing web based software: Produce software according to customer’s order, based on latest technology and highest standards of software development in order to ease of maintenance and extend of provided productions in future. We obligate ourselves to produce extendable and durable products. Using secure infrastructures such as Google firebase and amazon AWS help us to achieve this goal. Technologies that we use are based on customers needs like: .Net Core, NodeJs(NEST) to implement backend and VueJs or React for implement frontend.

Producing mobile applications. Based on React Native technology according to customer’s orders .

Producing content oriented sites, In order to introduce companies businesses and creating news bulletin for them is another of our services. Accordingly in competitive market we will help you by creating meaningful contents to be seen better. Word Press is our offer to users duo to ease of maintenance and development.

Developing of old systems and upgrading them. Whereas a large part of market is based on old softwares that need to be developed and maintained. Our company is ready to develop the old systems that’s are based on Asp, Asp.net web forms and Asp.Net MVC, VB6 which are currently in service according to the needs of customers, in addition upgrade the new technologies by taking logical steps and in a precise schedule.


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E-Mail: develop@itdservice.de